The Freedom Era Reviews

1 The Freedom Era Testimonials Fran Griffen

Fran Griffen

"My ultimate plan for an early retirement and a comfortable lifestyle has come to fruition through The Freedom Era. By learning the skills of affiliate marketing,  having ongoing training and mentorship along with personal development training, I now have retired my husband at 60 and just work part-time myself in a business that is largely automated and so much fun. Our next 20 to 30 yrs will be supported and stress free.

We truly do have the ultimate freedom lifestyle."

2 The Freedom Era Testimonials Salyse Crowley

Salyse Crowley

"Being a part of The Legacy Collective and using the The Freedom Era Platform has made life for me as a busy mum to 3, a lot more eye opening to what my dream lifestyle for my family can actually be.

Being a part of the community has really allowed me to feel into the proximity of success, growth, and impact as well as truly working my inner work, mental-wellbeing and physical health at the same time.

I have been able to travel with my family and attend retreats without financial struggle or worrying about needing to be at a particular location for work. This truly has given me my freedom to be a stay at home mum to my children, and still earn an abundant income."

Natasha Hain

Natasha Hain

"Not a day goes past where I don’t feel huge gratitude for The Freedom Era Academy & community. Through being part of this, and receiving the education, support, value and high calibre leadership, I have received so many gifts!!

Not only huge success within my business, but huge success for my relationship with myself & others, parenting, money mindset & limiting beliefs ~ I have experienced transformation like no other, that has truly allowed me to step into my full potential, giving me the clarity to birth my gifts and visions to the world, and embody full permission to create overflowing financial income, whilst living a simple, healthy & abundant life with my family."

4 The Freedom Era Testimonials Nikola Botha

Nikola Botha

"I am so grateful for this space and community! Entrepreneurship can be lonely, but it doesn't need to be! Community, connecting and support is everything! Combined with top level training and leadership, this space has next level not only our business, but who we are! Grateful every day for this business and community!"

Dee Deonne

Dee Deonne

"As a teacher I have always been passionate about education and continual growth. Being a member of The Freedom Era Academy has expanded my mind about what true life education is. The importance of inner work, embodiment, mindset, energetics as well as the strategy has been life changing for me. It’s allowed us to travel, to move interstate and live by the beach (like I always desired) and leave my job after 11 years. It’s not just about me, it’s about all the other lives I now get to impact also."

6 The Freedom Era Testimonials Frank and Amberlee

Frank & Amberlee

"We are forever grateful for the TFE and the training within it because we wouldn’t be the man or woman we are today without it.

The courses gave us the means to be our fully expressed selves, own our voices and find a community of people who celebrated us for just being us.

What we find most remarkable is that we had been searching for a means to create this our entire lives and we found it right here and all because a Facebook friend recommended it to us."

Natasha Tyack

Natasha Tyack

"In 90 days my whole life has changed. I never imagined life to be this Goddamn good since starting my online adventure with TFE. I have gone from sceptical to completely over the moon. My only vision was to have a red hot crack and give it my all to make it work for myself and my family. We needed time and financial freedom so badly as we were all so burnt out from working 7days a week. I honestly can't recommend TFE enough. My family and especially my own transformation is next level from mindset, training, to the support and not to mention the freedom it has given us. It is amazing.

TFE is the best value for money out of all my experiences with online business."

Danielle & Jimmy

Danielle & Jimmy James

"We are forever grateful for TFE & our Enagic business for providing our Family with the vehicle that has driven transformational change in our lives.

Thanks to TFE, We have gone from being a family living a life beholden to the ‘system’ & a lifetime of social conditioning…

To a Family living life on our own terms with time, location, & financial freedom!"

9 The Freedom Era Testimonials Daniel Bissaker

Daniel Bissaker

Over the last couple of years my life has changed in a very positive and healthy way.

Before starting with the TFE training platform and Enagic’s business model, to be totally honest I was so burnt out! I was working crazy hard in my traditional landscape business and not getting ahead financially was definitely a hard pill to swallow.

"Now everything has changed and most importantly my health, I am fitter and stronger now with so much more energy every day. I get to surf at my local beach each morning as we were able to purchase our new dream house only 2 minutes from the surf.

My mindset has been the biggest transformation as I now look at life in a totally different way. Without the financial stresses over our heads, we now get to live in a place of gratitude, fun and adventure.

We just got home from the most amazing holiday in beautiful Bali and now finalising our wedding plans and honeymoon in November. We have been able to build the most incredible International team of freedom seekers that we truly love and get to mentor alongside our wider community.

I am so excited for our future and to be able to leave a legacy for our children."

10 The Freedom Era Testimonials Charlotte Emily

Charlotte Emily

"The Academy has been my permission slip to see what is truly possible in this life. I went from bartending full-time and hustling to try to save up and see the world… to travelling full-time with my toddler, making all of mother earth our playground!"